Collection: Student Desks

Sit-to-stand and back again. Flexible desking lets teachers configure the space that works best for their students.

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  • Sit-to-Stand
    Flexible Desking
  • Stacking Desk
    Flexible Desking
  • Polystructural Book Box
    Open Front Polystructural Book Box Student Desk
    Open Front
  • Metal Book Box
    Open Front
  • Cantilever (4100) Desk
    Cantilever Student Desk
    Cantilever Desk
  • Four Leg Rectangle + Trapezoid Desks
    7SD Series
  • Tri-Top Desks
    7SD Tri-Top Student Desk
    7SD Series
  • D75 Four Leg
    Combo Desk
  • Solid Plastic Four Leg
    Combo Desk
  • D85 Sled
    Combo Desk
  • Study carrel screen
    Study Carrel
  • Polypropylene Book Box